A Little Bit About Me

Hello comic enthusiasts and all-around nerds, I’m Carl! I’ve been running this website for 9 years, or since I was about 7 years old (time sure flies!). During this tie, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing a wide range of comic book writers, artists, and creators, reaching as high up as the co-creator of Spider-Man himself, the legendary Steve Ditko!

But for me it’s not just about the interviews. I’m proud to say that, using the audience I’ve grown here for good, I’ve donated over 70 thousand comics to deployed soldiers, veterans hospitals, underprivileged kids, and many more people to come soon!

Get ready for a thrilling adventure, as I’ve got some exciting plans up my sleeve that are sure to bring a smile to your face! Stay tuned, some comic time, same comic site!

Here's My Old Bio That I Started With

Me and my dad
Me and my dad

Hi, My name is Carl. I really like Spider-man and wish we had every single Spider-Man comic. I also like Batman. I like to watch Iron Man and I can’t wait to see what the new Avengers movie is like.

I made this website so I could have fun with it, because I know lots of people have a website. I really wanted to make one and I’m really happy that I did.

I’ll talk about Spider-Man and all the other superheroes and villains I like. I do a lot of things with comics, like go to comic book shows, Comic Con, movies and comic book stores, so I’ll write about them, too.

My dad helps me with the typing and we read lots of comics together. We like to read Batman ’66, Batman meets the Green Hornet, early Flash comics from the 60s, really early Amazing Spider-Man comics and old Batman and Superman, especially if they have Batmite, Mxyzptlk or Bizarro.

Picture 11We collect lots of comics and try to get all the times when Hulk fought the Thing, Hulk and Thor fight, Superman and Flash races and all the Batmite issues.

I’ll be writing about all these things and maybe even Pokemon, too!

Hope you like it!