We Did It!! 70,000 Comics Donated!

April 8, 2024 3 mins to read

Hey everyone! I’m sure you all already know what I do here. But for those who don’t, I donate comics! So far I have donated to deployed soldiers, underprivileged kids, high school clubs, and sorority literacy programs. It is with great pleasure that I’m telling you that together we have officially raised and donated 70 thousand comics!

That’s honestly such an unbelievable number, and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support they’ve given. I honestly still can’t believe we’ve made it this far. This started out as just an idea, and has evolved into so much more.

Let me tell you our 2 most recent donations, as I haven’t really been public about them (or really public in general, sorry!). In January, just over 1 thousand comics were donated to the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Literacy Program. They were donated to the Zeta Delta Zeta Chapter, and were in support of the Adopt A School Program. And in October, I made another huge donation to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Both would not have been possible without the support of Jennifer Myers, who is of course our contact at the Newark Regional Office of the U.S. Department Of Veterans Affairs. She allows so many of these donations to happen, and without her, my basement would be very cluttered! So if you’re reading this, Jennifer, thank you so much for all your help.

For the October donation, we gave 14 thousand comics to the base, and it was a long time coming! After Covid and other events slowing everything down, it felt so good to finally get back to doing what I love after so long. It was also great to see everyone again! Unfortunately, everyone from the last time I had donated had either been rotated to another base or retired, but I was still welcomed back to the base with open arms and smiles.

Moving on, a few months passed and more comics came in. This time, it was Jennifer who reached out and asked for a donation to a literacy program run by the sorority she’s a member of. I was more than happy to oblige, and donated 4 long boxes of kids comics. Even though it wasn’t as huge as the last one, I still knew I would be putting smiles on a lot of faces, which is all I needed.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all so much for helping me reach this huge milestone. So many people from all over the country have donated to this cause. Some have given huge collections, while others have only given a handful that they had. But it doesn’t matter if you give 10 or 10 thousand, every single comic puts a smile on a face. If someone told 9 year old me that I would reach 70 thousand donated comics, I think my mind would have honestly just exploded! I’m so happy right now, and I’m so excited for the number to continue to go up!

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