About Flash Custom Minifigures

I was looking for Flash minifigures because I thought it would be cool if they created Reverse Flash minifigures. The first Reverse Flash Custom minifigure that we found cost $35! That was on Ebay (Dad’s Note: Kids, you have to have your parents’ permission to go on Ebay!). Ebay is a site that you can buy cool stuff on. Custom minifigures are minifigures that people created on their own.

Then, we found a set of 8 minifigures for $18. The set came with Reverse Flash minigures, also Flash, Blue Lantern Flash, Black Flash and a White Lantern Flash. Then I found a set of minifigures for $12, including shipping. We looked at the seller’s feedback and we checked to see if it was good or not. It came in a flash in only 10 days from China!

When we opened the bag, we found 8 smaller bags with minifigures that were not put together yet.


We had to put on the hands, arms, lightning bolts that go on their mask and for some of them we even had to put on their heads.


When we put them all together, they were really cool. I was really happy that I got the minifigures that I wanted.

Here they are with their masks on:





Lego never made these as minifigures, they never thought of it. Minifigures are still minifigures, no matter what. They’re still pretty cool, even if they’re custom. You don’t have to wait for Lego to make a minifigure, you can buy them on custom on Ebay.

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