Carl’s Comix is One Year Old!

carls-comix-anniversaryOne year ago, I was just making my website. Now, a year later, I’ve gotten pretty far. For the past year, I’ve written about comic books, movies and more. I first interviewed Herb Trimpe last March. Since then, I have interviewed comic book creators including Steve Ditko (with a letter), Larry Lieber (about Spider-Man and Ant-Man), Ethan Van Sciver, John Cassaday and Neal Adams.

I have also interviewed Ed Catto about Captain Action, Jeff Beck of East Side Mags about its first anniversary and John Paul, the organizer of NJ for 25 years.

My site got a lot of attention when I got a letter from Steve Ditko last summer. An article was posted on about me getting the letter and over 15,000 people visited my site. Now I have over 15,000 subscribers and I would like to thank you all for subscribing to my site. I hope you will enjoy my future articles.

I have already written President Barack Obama and Stan Lee asking them questions, but I haven’t gotten a letter back yet. I hope they write back soon!

Some of the people I would like to interview in the future are:
Jim Steranko
Dan Povenmire
Scottie Young
George Perez
Dan Slott
Geoff Johns
Grant Guston
And many more!

Thanks again for helping me through my first year – I hope to write many more articles in the future!

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