Comic Donation 2.0 – With a Little Help From My Friends

Hauling comics is hard work!

Today my second round of donations started! I brought 300 comics to the Lyons VA hospital. Tomorrow I will take over 10,000 comics to Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst for them to pass them on to Walter Reed VA Hospital, deployed troops and their families. I hope everyone enjoys the comics! It was nice to see Jennifer Myers of Veterans Affairs again since she helped me set up all of the donations!

I want to thank everybody who donated a TON of comics, and I mean a TON!!!

Some people donated a few, some donated a few hundred, and some donated a few thousand, but no matter how much you donated I want to

Bob Stevenson donating over 3,000 comics!

thank you for all the comics you gave! I’m sure the veterans and the deployed troops will love them!

Here are all the people who donated their comics. Thanks again so much!

  • Chris Adams
  • Jeff Beck
  • Michael Ciccone
  • Stan Kalucki
  • John Paul
  • Bob Stevenson
  • James Sugrue

    Stan Kalucki donating a carload of comics! We couldn’t squeeze one more in!

  • Tony Tothe
  • Michael Williams
  • Dylan (sorry I don’t know your last name!)
  • And several anonymous donors who dropped off comics for me to donate at East Side Mags

I also want to thank my dad’s former student, Steven Donohue, who found Jennifer Myers for us. Without that introduction, this still would only be an idea we had.

I will be sure to post pictures of the people who received the comics just like I did last time.

If you’re a veteran or a deployed troop that received comics please send me a picture of you and the comics. Thanks!

Michael Ciccone donated over a thousand comics!

Jeff Beck got us started with over 4,000 donated comics!












We sorted all of them to make sure we had some that were just for kids.


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  1. Angela Parket

    Are you accepting more donations?


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