Fight Coronavirus Boredom with Comics!

March 19, 2020 5 mins to read

School is closed, comic book shows are canceled, parents are home from work, you’re not supposed to go out, so what are you going to do? Since you can’t go out and spend anything, you should use that money to support comics that are getting made! I went through Kickstarter and found 4 comics that I like enough to support that I think you might like, too!

Check them out and support an independent comic artist!

TITLE: Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle

WHAT IT IS: This is a series about a monkey and his friends. Artist and writer Mark McKenna created it with his dad in the late 1990’s. His dad passed away a while back, but Mark has continued their story and made it into a beloved children’s book. The third story in the Banana Tail series focuses on Tic Tac, the plaid zebra, and his first chance meeting with Banana Tail!

WHY I LIKE IT: Mostly, I like it because it’s by Mark, who is a great artist and writer with a huge list of accomplishments in the world of comic books – and he’s a friend. I even had my first ever ad in his last Kickstarter, Combat Jacks. I also like it because it was an old ambition from his childhood and now it’s grown into something big and bold.

WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT IT: First, it’s a really good kid’s book. I read the first 2 and I like them. Also, some of the pledges can get you really cool rewards. The rewards go from fun prints, to original art, to really cool commissions! One of the commissions is a Wolverine sketch drawn by Fernando Ruiz and inked by Mark that he gave a sneak peek of on Facebook.

Check Out Banana Tail!!



WHAT IT IS: This is a new story about a post-apocalyptic future by James McCulloch, the creator of “City of Lost Souls”, where all of the world’s animals die off because of a disease. The world is saved by aliens that can give humans food for one thing in return, their blood. A family decides to stop giving the aliens their blood and revolt.

WHY I LIKE IT: It’s an African-American focused comic that seems to be a really good mix of mystery and horror. His last book has over a 4-star rating on GoodReads, so although I haven’t read this one yet, I bet it’s really cool!

WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT IT: With just 9 days left, this is a story about how humans survive a global pandemic. Sound familiar? The rewards go from a digital copy of the comic, to artist sketches, and more!

Check Out CAMP VA07 #1!



TITLE: Sidekick For Hire #1-2

WHAT IT IS: This is a story about college kid Leonardo Moss, a wannabe sidekick for hire! He’s not very good at it though, and mostly ends up with getting the heroes hurt or killed.

WHY I LIKE IT: The story already sounds funny from the description. Also, it reminds me of good books that I read like Side-Kicked by Russel Brettholtz and Henchgirl by Kristen Gudsnuk.

WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT IT: The creator, Kristian Herrera has already worked as an Indie comic artist and is just starting his career, you can view the first 10 pages of his book on his website here. The rewards for supporting go from digital copies, to variant covers, to sketches, to even pinups!

Check Out Sidekick For Hire #1-2!


TITLE: The Crossing issue #1

WHAT IT IS: This is a story about the late 21st century. Mankind has recently found a way to get to other Earths and get material from those planets. This story mainly focuses on a world-famous physicist, named Dr. James Kincaid and how he has to escape the law and find a way to protect himself.

WHY I LIKE IT: I’m always into something about the multiverse, so this book seems super cool! I feel like this could be a really good present if someone you know has a birthday coming up.

WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPORT IT: The creators, Jason Reeves, Alverne Ball, and Luis Guerrero have had experience making books like Glyph Award winning “OneNation” and others. The rewards go from digital copies, to variant covers, to other comics, to discounts, to even you being drawn in it!

Check Out The Crossing!


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  1. "Action" Steve Conte
    March 20, 2020

    Hi Carl.

    This is a great idea. — And a great time to read comics!

    Hope you and your family are doing well.

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