Garden State Comic Fest Tickets for School Contest!

March 13, 2019 2 mins to read

Hello fans! Welcome to the one and only Garden State Comic Fest contest at Carl’s Comix. It’s your chance to win free tickets to New Jersey’s biggest comic book show for kids in your school!

Here is how it works: Kids, teachers and principals can write in explaining why their school should be invited to the show. (See below for all the rules.) Then, I will choose the best entries, which will win 20 tickets for their school. The school will hand out tickets to their students and we’ll see you there in June.

Multiple schools can win!

Rules to enter the contest:

1. Write a short paragraph explaining why you want your school to win tickets to GSCF. Be sure to include your name, grade, name of your school and whether you are a student, teacher or principal.

2. Name your favorite Marvel and DC character. We like people who are open-minded so if you have a favorite indie character, you can list them, too!

3. Send your entry to GSCF @ CarlsComix. com by Friday, May 3, 2019. (You can also use my contact form.)

4. Please enter only if kids from your school can get there and will have an adult to accompany them. (You should really be in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania or Connecticut to get the most out of this.)

5. If you are chosen, I will write you back, and announce it on my website on May 10, 2019. Multiple schools can win.

6. Garden State Comic Fest is on June 29 and 30, 2019, in Morristown, NJ. Each ticket is good for one general admission on either Saturday or Sunday (ticket-holder’s choice). Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Additional tickets for family members cost $25 on Saturday and $20 on Sunday. All children under age 10 get in free. Be sure to check out their site for all updates, directions and rules of the show!

If your school wins, 20 students will get to spend the day at NJ’s most amazing comic book show. Tickets will be good for either day.

Let’s give away some tickets! See you there!

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