Greg Larocque’s Long Run on the Flash! (Get it?)

Comic book artist Greg Larocque has worked on The Flash, Legion of Super Heroes, the Avengers, Spider-Man, and many more. He started his career in comics in January 1981 working for DC Comics. I met him at Garden State Comic Fest to talk about The Flash comics, the tv show, Web of Spider-Man and even his latest project Stargate Atlantis!

Carl: I’m here at Garden State Comic Fest with Greg LaRocque …

Greg Larocque: Wins points for pronouncing my name correctly! Good job, buddy!

Carl: and his super assistant, April, most well-known for his long run on the Wally West Flash comics. I’d like to ask you a few questions for my readers.

wally-west-flash-greg-larocqueGreg Larocque: “Long run”? Is that a joke, is that a pun? On the Flash? OK, what’s your question?

Carl: Did you want to become a comic book creator when you were a kid?

Greg Larocque: Ever since I could walk – before I could walk I really wanted to join comic books, yes!

Carl: What comic books did you read when you were a kid?

Greg Larocque:  Legion of Superheroes was my favorite DC book and everything that Marvel did!

Carl: What comics do you read now?

stargate-atlantis-greg-larocqueGreg Larocque: (Holds up The Three Stooges.)  Stargate Atlantis! Picks up where the tv show left off.

Carl: What comic was your most fun to draw?

Greg Larocque: There was a book that Marvel put out in the 80s, long before you were born, called What If…? This was What if the Avengers Were Pawns of Korvac (I think that’s what it is). But that’s my absolute favorite comic that I ever made.

Carl: Who is your favorite Flash – and why?

Greg Larocque: Wally West – because he is the real Flash. The others are impostors! Posers!

Carl: Are you watching the show?

Greg Larocque: Yes!

Carl: What do you think about it?

Greg Larocque: I love … I wish they hadn’t made Wally West so much like Peter Parker, but the show’s interesting, too.

Carl: Cool! Web of Spider-Man seems to be getting more attention lately. Why do you think that is?

Greg Larocque: Hmm! I don’t know. It’s just the twists and turns of comic books, you know?  What’s popular one day, and then another book will be popular the next day.

Carl: Thank you for answering my questions. It was nice to meet you.

Greg Larocque: It was very nice to meet you, too. Good job buddy!

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  1. Greg LaRocque

    Great job Carl!! It was fun 😉
    Greg LaRocque


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