GSCF Giveaway Winners!

June 26, 2019 2 mins to read

Last month I announced a contest where you could win tickets to Garden State Comic Fest for your whole class! A lot of people sent in entries and today I’m happy to announce that there were two winners!

The first winner is Josie Lyn Pressman, who is in 3rd grade at Central Ave School in Madison. She wrote that she wants to share her love of comics with her classmates.

You are right, Josie, it’s a great way to get them to read, because the show has a ton of comic books and a lot of great creators. I hope everyone in your class has a lot of fun there!

The second winner is Mr. Scott Barnes, who is a History teacher at the College Achieve Greater Asbury Park Charter School. Mr. Barnes hosts a Comic Book Lunch Crew where students get together to read and discuss comics. He said that going to the show will be a “great way to help encourage and keep the students interested in reading during summer break and help encourage their growth in learning with the STEM programs.”

It sounds like Josie and Mr. Barnes think a lot like each other – no wonder they both won!

Since Mr. Barnes give his students comics from his own collection, when we went to his school to give him his tickets, we also gave him a short box stuffed with comics to give everyone something new to read.

I hope all the winners have a great time at the show. See you this weekend!!!

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