Help Restore Another 3D Comic!

July 6, 2020 2 mins to read

Hey everyone! I’m back again with 3D Film Archive for their new project on Kickstarter! They’re working on restoring another 3D movie, Dynasty! It’s a Kung-Fu movie from 1977. They just released a stretch goal to restore the 3D comic, The House of Terror!

I’m excited about this for a few reasons. First, working with film historian, Bob Furmanek, I helped select the comic to be included with the movie. The stories in the comic include “Picture of Evil,” “The Violin of Death,” “The Curse of Khar,” and “The Devil’s Chair.” These add some creepiness to the movie, which is rated R for violence. Next, there are some really cool 3D action and horror scenes in it which were drawn by artists such as the legend, Joe Kubert and Matt Baker! Finally, with the 3D glasses that Carl’s Comix is sponsoring, the 3D really comes to life. I saw what they did with the Abbot and Costello comic which they included with they’re last project, Africa Screams. Even if they do something half as well, they’re still gonna blow your mind with how good they are.

What’s really cool about the way they do it is that you don’t need any special equipment – just a regular Blu-ray player!

They’ve already blown past they’re $10,000 goal which is why they’re releasing the stretch goal now. I would really recommend supporting them since they always do a really good job with restorations, they support Carl’s Comix, and they’re just really nice overall. I’m really excited to see how the movie and comic turn out!



Here are the 3D glasses that were included in their last project, Abbott & Costello’s Africa Screams!

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  1. 온라인 룰렛
    September 20, 2020

    Best movie i have ever seen !

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