How To Have A Superhero Party

Superhero Party for My BirthdaySuperhero parties are fun and you would like them, too. We had fun at my superhero birthday party for me turning 8.

The first thing you do is write superhero themed invitations. You can put superheroes on the card and action words like BAM! POW!, KAPOW!, WHAM! so it will look like a comic book page.

You could say to bring a costume to play games or just to have fun. If you want you could have a costume contest.

We had a card game where you got a superhero card and it had names of the villain cards you had to find on the back. The villain cards were hidden around the house. When you found all the villain cards, you got a lollipop.

We also played a balloon game where you had to keep the balloons in the air. You would do the challenge written on the first one that fell. Challenges could be:

  • Whistle
  • Sing happy birthday really fast
  • Hop on one foot 10 times
  • Stand in a superhero pose.

We played with superhero action figures at the party, which was pretty fun. And we also had superhero minfigures and Legos out.

My Grandpa made clouds and buildings that we put down on a blue sheet that he bought. We lay down on the sheet so it seemed like we were flying. My Dad stood on the ladder and he took a picture so it felt like we were flying.

Kids Superhero Party Hulk Flying

Kids Superhero Party Spider-Man Flying








We should always have something superhero-themed in a goodie bag, like comic books and/or superhero fruit snacks.

And don’t forget to invite your friendly neighborhood comic book store owner!



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4 comments on “How To Have A Superhero Party”

  1. Tom Calamia

    I am sure you and all of your friends had a wonderful time at the party.

  2. Ted Campbell

    Wow Carl! I wish I could have been there at your super party! I especially liked the flying photos where you were leaping tall buildings. I think I would have been Batman, unless he was already taken. Your friend, Ted in Asheville, NC

    ps Debra would have been Cat Woman. And baby Collin would have been Robin, the Boy Wonder.

    • Carl

      Thanks! Batman was already taken, but it’s still cool if you want to wear it. I wish you were all here to see all the fun stuff that we did.


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