It’s the CarlsComix Challenge!

June 3, 2020 2 mins to read

Hey everyone! I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about the Getty challenge from the Getty Museum. Basically, the Getty Museum is challenging people to reenact famous pieces of art and share it. You can see the results on basically any social media platform – Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram. Even my social studies teacher said we could do it for extra credit!

That got me thinking, why just famous art? Why not comics? So, here’s the #CarlsComixChallenge! Instead of reenacting a famous piece of art, you can reenact your favorite piece of comic art or comic scene.

You can do it however you want. You can use people, action figures, legos, you name it! Just use what you have and your imagination!

If you post it using #CarlsComixChallenge (or send it to us), we’ll put it on our site. We’ll even put some of our favorites in a Hall of Fame! And if we know the artist who created it, we’ll show it to them, too!

To start things off, here’s a few me and my family made:

Action Comics #1

Amazing Spider-Man #33 (apologies to Steve Ditko, but I wouldn’t let my dad pour water on top of me)

Justice League of America #1 with action figures


Now let’s see yours!


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  1. Kimberley
    June 3, 2020

    Love this! Very creative.

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