My Dad Can Only Say “Wow!”

It all started when I wrote the article about Steve Ditko writing me a letter. There were 15,000 people looking at my site after I wrote that. My site even crashed and my dad had to fix it!

I felt lucky and special because so many people liked what I wrote.

The story got posted on, one of the biggest comic book websites in the world. They wanted everybody to know because it’s a big deal that Steve Ditko wrote me back. The story got all the way to Italy and I was on two sites in Italy!



I want to give everyone a big thanks for liking and commenting on my site! I’m trying very hard to respond to all those that I didn’t write back yet. I promise that I will get to everybody.

In the meantime, my dad wants to tell you, that his mind is blown by all the attention this got! He just keeps saying “Wow!”

Thank you so much, everyone!

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4 comments on “My Dad Can Only Say “Wow!””

  1. Chris Napierala

    Nice job, Carl! Hope you’ll still hang out with us regular, nonferrous people. Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous

    Way to go Carl! I’m so proud of you. Have fun. Love you,


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