Read from Batman ’66 to Batman 1966!

Batman '66 Adam WestThe Batman ’66 series of comics was based on the Batman TV show, starring Adam West and Burt Ward. There were 30 issues in Batman ’66. It started in September 2013 and ended in February 2016. I think it was a good comic book and it was really cool that it was based on the TV show.  It was funny and you never knew what villain he was going to face.

Now that the series is over, we decided we want to read all of the Batman comics that actually came out in 1966.

We started by looking up what issues came out in 1966. We started with Batman. It had 11 issues, from #178 to #188. Detective Comics had 12 issues, starting with #347 and going to #358.

Batman Comics from 1966Most of the Batman comics, including Detective Comics, were written by Gardner Fox, the creator of the Flash. He wasn’t the only one, but he wrote almost all of them.

Sheldon Moldoff and Carmen Infantino were the artists most of the time. Carmen Infantino was the cover artist for Batman 181, 183, 184 and 188. Before he was the cover artist, Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson drew the covers of 178, 179 & 180.

The key issues from 1966 are:

Detective Comics
#351 is the first appearance of Cluemaster
#354 is the first appearance of Doctor Tzin-Tzin
#356 is the first appearance of The Outsider.

Detective Comics from 1966And for Batman the key issues are:
#181 is the first appearance of Poison Ivy (which is the most valuable of all of these because Poison Ivy is an important villain)
#183 2nd appearance of Poison Ivy and reference to the TV show on the cover
#188 is the first appearance of The Eraser.

In January 1967, Detective Comics #359, the first appearance of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, came out (and she was in the show, but just missed being published in 1966).

Batman collectors and fans of the Batman ’66 comic series should definitely read all the Batman comics from 1966!

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