Signed Spider-Man Holograms

February 16, 2016 1 min to read

stan-lee-john-romita-spider-manFor Christmas, I got a picture that has the 4 holograms that were on Spider-Man comics for his 30th anniversary. It is signed by John Romita and Stan Lee! For it to be signed by Stan Lee is a big deal for comic book people who like Spider-Man! Stan Lee was the editor of Marvel and co-creator of Spider-Man with Steve Ditko. John Romita took over drawing Spider-Man from Steve Ditko. He started drawing Amazing Spider-Man at issue #39 and helped create MJ, the Rhino, and Kingpin. He made Spider-Man become even more popular!



A hologram is a 3-D photo made by a laser. My 4 holograms were on the covers of these issues: Amazing Spider-Man #365, Web of Spider-Man #90, Spider-Man #26, and The Spectacular Spider-Man #189. These holograms show Spider-Man swinging on his web in different poses. They look really bright and colorful and when ystan-lee-signatureou look at them from different angles they seem to move from side to side in their box.

There are 2500 of these holograms ever made and so many people want them that they must be difficult to find. I feel really lucky that I got #1070 out of #2500!

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  1. tom
    April 1, 2019

    2500 hm i got pone and it says its out of 500 not 2500 for that spiderman autographed hologram with a cert of authenticity

  2. Mark
    March 27, 2021

    The Certificate of Authenticity from Dynamic Forces Inc. I have says 2,500 also. On eBay says it’s 1992 but I could have sworn I bought mine through Westfield Comics for wholesale in 1983. I’d hate to think I have dementia but …

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