Superheroes for Hospice Is On Saturday!

New-Superheroes-LogoSuperheroes for Hospice is a comic book show to raise money for people in hospitals and their families. The show is at St. Barnabas Hospital this Saturday. For more information just keep reading or go to their website.

There are multiple rooms. In the first room, when you walk in you see comic book artists and comic related things. My favorite stand has these people who make bookmarks, that aren’t just ordinary bookmarks – they slide on to the corner of your page and look like the heads of superheroes. You should check out the comic book artists they have there, too.

In the main room, there are so many comic books that even I can’t count them. All the comics are only $1, and if you buy more than one, they can go down in price to 10 cents each. When we go there, we get a large amount of comic books, because they have good books and inexpensive prices.

carls-finds-flash-123-for-a-dollarI was lucky enough last time I went there to get Flash #123 and it only cost a dollar! You could be that lucky too, if you go.

So you should go to Superheroes for Hospice. It’s on Saturday November 7, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m at 95 Old Short Hills Road, West Orange, NJ.

I hope you go to this amazing show. I hope I see you there!

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