The Active Imagination of a New Comic Creator: 12 Year-Old Gabriel Troia’s First Comic

A 12 year-old boy named Gabriel Troia created the story that became the graphic novel Odds n’ Evens. Book One – What’s in A Name? is an adventure story about a group of heroes that have cool but weird powers. It’s a short book that’s an easy read. It’s perfect for kids around my age.

The book starts off on a night were a kid comes into a diner and talks with a man about his adventures, but we don’t know who either one of them is. The man seems surprised and not convinced about the kid’s adventures.

The main characters are the superhero team that consists of a person who shoots toasties (like cheese puffs), a samurai girl, an energy boy, and a mysterious boy who can summon and change into other animals. The main villains are Porkzilla (a giant robot pig) and a mob of angry sqeeters (like hornets). In my opinion, I liked the mysterious boy the best because, since I really like Beast Boy, he kind of related to him with the animal powers.

I liked this book because it is not all happy stuff. It shows tragedy and also confidence. I also liked it because it has some funny parts, for example, one team member can shoot toasties and the samurai girl starts kicking all the bullies in school. As soon as I started reading it I was thrust into it.

I would give this comic to eight to twelve-year-old kids. They will like it because it has some sad parts but it also has a lot of fun and thrilling parts. I think it’s really cool that the story was created by a 12 year-old boy. This is a great book for someone who just made his first comic!

I think kids and adults who like superhero adventures will enjoy this comic the most.

The comic will be on Kickstarter soon and you should totally support it so you can read it, too. You can find out more about it on Facebook.

I asked Gabriel, the 12 year-old creator of the story, a few questions about his comic:

How did you get inspired to make this comic?

My father and I spent many hours hiking and geocaching in the various parks, woods, and historic places such as Grant Park in South Milwaukee. While we were on these adventures my ideas would come to life. My father says I have a very active imagination. I would tell him all sorts of stories and create all sorts of characters. I talked to my dad about being an imaginer/writer when I grow up. He thought my ideas were good enough to start now. So I guess I inspired him and he inspired me to follow my dreams and do this.

How did you choose what powers to give the kids?

I wanted to give my characters powers that were unique that you typically don’t find in the popular superheroes of today.

I came up with the main character’s powers around Halloween (one of my favorite holidays). I was thinking about scary stuff and thought how cool it would be to have a good guy with some creepy powers. I also like Gunwitch from “Nocturnals” a lot too.

Henry Hoss was created for laughs but also very heartwarming. Simple but loyal like Samwise from Lord of the Rings. I pictured him in overalls as a farmer first and then my dad and I got into a discussion about what he farmed over snacks.

Holy Light was inspired by the place Holy Hill in Wisconsin. It is said that miracles have happen there with the sick and crippled being healed.

Gwen came from watching a YouTube video of Jesse Jane McParland with a samurai sword. I also liked the idea of a girl being the muscle of the group.

Do you read Fantastic Four, because I noticed that you have an homage to the first issue in the comic?

Truth be told that was Mike Bullock’s idea and I was cool with it. Here’s why he wanted it….
“I felt it gave Gabriel’s book a nice link to the days when comic books were all about imagination and wonder meeting adventure and excitement (something Gabriel captures well in his stories).”

My favorite superheroes are Dr. Strange, Rocket Raccoon and Spider-Man.

Thanks, Gabriel. I can’t wait to read the next issue!

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