The Peanuts Movie Rocks!!

charlie-brown-theater Peanuts MovieThis weekend I got to see a preview of The Peanuts Movie in New York City. It was really funny. You should go see the movie on November 6. It’s that good and you won’t regret seeing it!

There are two stories in the movie. The first story is about Charlie Brown and the Little Red-Haired Girl. The second story is about Snoopy and Woodstock and Fifi, the poodle. The two really important things you should learn in the movie are courage and friendship – don’t be nervous when you’re meeting someone new and never give up. Just keep on trying.

Snoopy Dancing  Peanuts MovieIn the first part of the movie, Charlie Brown only had two friends: Linus and Snoopy. But then, he gets a perfect grade on a test and everyone starts liking him a lot. One of my favorite parts is when Charlie Brown is trying to learn to dance for the Little Red-Haired Girl and starts wrecking his room. Snoopy shows him a Spanish dance, but Charlie Brown does the chicken dance instead.

Another favorite part is when Charlie Brown pitches a snowball to a snowman. To see why it’s so funny, go watch the movie!

If I had to give it a grade, I would give it an A++ because it was really funny and happy. So stop reading this, grab some popcorn and watch the Peanuts!

(Dad’s note: I agree with Carl’s grade, and I was worried that this might be bad. For all of us who grew up loving Peanuts, this movie is exactly what you hope it would be – funny on multiple levels, touching in the way only the Peanuts gang can be and draws on the comic strips, the legendary tv specials and even the play “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. “ Like Carl said, you won’t regret seeing this movie (and this from someone who regrets seeing a lot of movies!))

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5 comments on “The Peanuts Movie Rocks!!”

  1. Kimberley

    The movie sounds great.! We’ll go see it with Amelie.

  2. Ole M. Olsen

    Great review! Really looking forward to this – I love Peanuts!

  3. Frank Grembowiec

    Nice review. This sounds like a movie that I would like to see. One of my best pals is a huge Charlie Brown fan, we will probably catch it soon.

  4. Rcschneckel

    Carl, this review was so good that it made me want to rush out and see it!


  5. Anonymous

    Dear Carl, where do you keep your collection of comic books? In. As notebook?,in boxes? Stacked on a shelf? In folders? It sounds like you have a bunch of them! I enjoy learning about COMICS from you. Aunt M.


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