First Appearance of Vision: All About Avengers #57

April 11, 2015 2 mins to read

Avengers 57 First Appearance of The VisionAvengers #57 is pretty cool because it’s the first appearance of Vision. He is going to be in the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron. I just read it and it solved a lot of my questions about Vision. Before this, I had a lot of questions about him.

For instance, what were Vision’s powers? How was Vision made? Is he a robot? Who made him?

When we first meet Vision, he is trying to destroy the Avengers. He walked through the wall when he tried  to destroy Wasp. He can turn “lighter” like a ghost and heavier like a one million pound weight. He has thermoscopic eyes that are hotter than a burn. He has superhuman strength. And we learn that he is a “synthozoid” which is an artificial human.

Vision walking through a wall.
Vision walking through a wall.

He doesn’t remember anything, though. The Avengers try to learn more about him. They discover he was made by Ultron-5. Vision takes them to Ultron’s lair where Ultron was already waiting for them.

Vision defeats him by turning so light he’s like a ghost and Ultron breaks to pieces when he jumps for Vision.

The lesson is, use the villain’s weakness to defeat him.

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