My Conversation with Herb Trimpe

March 9, 2015 1 min to read

Yesterday, at Big Apple Con, I met Herb Trimpe. He drew the early Hulk comics and the first appearance on Wolverine in Hulk 181.

I asked him what comics he liked drawing the best? He said, “We had a lot of fun drawing the Hulk. And also Shogun Warriors, but you might be too young to know that one.” I told him I do and I had just seen a big Shogun Warrior toy.

herb trimpe sketchbook hulkHe also told me that his favorite thing to draw is airplanes. He showed me the first drawing of a plane he ever made that’s in this book that he signed for me!

He told me that someone asked him to draw a bunch of superheroes sitting in a plane and another picture of Nick Fury in a World War I plane being shot at by enemy planes. He said “It’s really cool!” I wish I could have seen it. My cousin Silas would really like his airplane drawings.

I can’t believe that he gave me a copy of his sketchbook and signed it for me. That was really cool!Herb Trimpe Signature

He was really nice and really generous.

Thank you, Herb!

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  1. Tom Calamia
    April 7, 2015

    Good morning Carl.

    I just read about your conversation with Herb Tripe. I did not know about him until I read your article. He certainly is a famous cartoonist and I am sure the conversation was very interesting.


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