SLUGFEST: The Action-Packed Feud Between DC and Marvel!

Did Stan Lee try to get a job at DC? Was Carmine Infantino fired by a spy? How did Marvel do the impossible and beat DC to become the top comic book company?

I’m reading Slugfest by Reed Tucker, published in October 2017. This book is about the rivalry between DC and Marvel and what they each did to try to become the top comic book company. It’s filled with a whole ton of surprises no matter how well you think you know the story.

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Comic book fans will love this book! The author fills the book with eyewitness stories from people who were there and saw it all happen. It’s packed with quotes from people like Stan Lee, John Romita Sr., Carmine Infantino, Jim Shooter, Len Wein, Neal Adams and a ton of others! If they worked in comics in the past 50 years, they’re in there. You really get an idea of what was going on in their minds when they were working for DC and Marvel.

I don’t want to give away all the surprises in the book, but the author tells some really cool stories. Like one time in the 70’s Stan Lee did not like his new boss so, he had at least one conference with DC about becoming DC’s new publisher. He also tells the story of Carmine Infantino getting fired because a spy was trying to get rid of him. And did you know that there were spies in both comic book publishers? There’s also a story of when Len Wein threatened to rip out someone’s throat because of the Surperman vs Spider-Man comic. Wein was stopped by Marv Wolfman. Thanks Marv!

I think the book is best for high school age and up. It has PG-13 language and advanced vocabulary. It also has complex style that’s better for older readers. But, younger kids could read it if they read it with an adult. Especially if the grown-up skips over the adult language.

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3 comments on “SLUGFEST: The Action-Packed Feud Between DC and Marvel!”

  1. Dennis

    I have to read Slugfest now. The rivalry between DC and Marvel extends to their fans years later! There needs to be a marketing survey to find out which one is better. I’ve been more partial to Marvel. I’d read Slugfest with my little cousins.

  2. Accounting

    Their rivalry is legendary, haha. I’m quite a Marvel person myself, usually I just read Deadpool comics, with a bit of dabbling into Avengers territory (Spider-Man/Deadpool is my favorite). But I know my sister is an avid Batman fan, it’s interesting what people go for! One thing I get confused about in Marvel is the zillions of universes in the comics– does X event happen alongside Y person?

    Maybe I’ll pick up Slugfest, it’d be an interesting read!


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