You Can Own a Piece of Comics History!

August 11, 2020 2 mins to read

Recently, influential comic writer Denny O’Neil passed away (rest in peace). My good friend John Paul was asked by Denny’s family members to help sell of some of his stuff, like books signed by Will Eisner and a lot of comic books that he worked on. One of those things ended up being his typewriter. Think of all of the great comics that have been written using that!

Denny O’Neil has worked on such comics as Green Lantern, Spider-Man, and Batman with Neal Adams. Pretty cool, right? I would say that this is a pretty big artifact of comics history. Denny has also written one of the most if not the most influential comic in the 70’s, Green Lantern and Green Arrow #85 which deals with drug abuse. It seems pretty gripping and I, personally, would love to have it. If you remember, Neal Adams was one of my very first interviews – the next time I see him I should ask him about Denny.

I feel like the typewriter is the real prize of the estate with a lot of really cool things. It is a Smith Corona SL 570, which I think is from the 80’s. If you want to check it out, JP posted it on the Facebook group, Guys and Gals Who Love Comics.

If you like comic history then be sure to check out this big piece! Bidding for it will end on August 15th!






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